Friday, January 13, 2012

Riding the Taser ECD

Here is a video of me taking the Taser X26 ECD. With 50,000 volts of electricity running through your body, its sure to make you feel energized!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Taylor, Henry, Plaxico, Gilbert...Who's to blame???

It has been awhile since I have posted on my blog, but I am here again to discuss another problem that has arrived again concerning athletes. Thankfully, no one was hurt but the situation with Gilbert Arenas has brought up another concern with athletes and guns and the problem that arises with owning weapons. From my last post about Plaxico, I think you know my position on guns and athletes and taking responsibilities for their mishaps and accepting punishment. But now as I keep looking at these unfortunate situations happening, some of them deadly, there is no doubt the athlete takes most of the heat but who is also to blame in all of this???

Athletes are a very big target now-a-days with cameras, cell phones, and all the latest and greatest technology out there. People make very large amounts of money by taking pictures of celebrities and athletes and turning them into news outlets because, lets face it, the news today is built upon negative press and that is what sells. Athletes need to be more than careful because it only takes a tenth of a second to change the rest of your life. I do believe an athlete needs to take full responsibility for their actions but where are the people who are "looking out for the athlete?" If those people truly care about their client or player, this would not be happening as much, I guarantee it. I have been a player and know what happens and what doesn't happen in regards to helping and educating an athlete. Not all athletes come from the best upbringings and when that is mixed with an enormous amount of money, dangerous situations arise at an alarming rate. Agents, marketing people, teams, and leagues should also have some of this blame because they are the ones that are DIRECTLY associated with that player.

Agents and sports marketing companies are some of the most profitable jobs to have in the sports world. They are also the ones that the player goes to most when it comes to deals, ideas, and guidance. These people can take anywhere from 3 to 10 percent of a players contract or endorsement. If my math is right, if a player makes $10 million, that is a pretty good payday just by simply talking to a team and getting him to sign a piece of paper. Everyone always wants to be an agent or do something in sports marketing to capitalize on these huge payouts courtesy of all the athlete's hard work. Now I am all for these people, BUT these are the people who say they are there for the athlete and help him in all aspects of LIFE. These people need to be the ones looking into helping these athletes find good resources to PREVENT situations fom occuring. For example with what happened to Gilbert the past couple weeks. Obviously Gilbert doesn't know the laws of concealed weapons and handguns in the DC area. Maybe the guys in charge of Gilbert's career should get some information to Gilbert to let him know the laws and regulations so he doesn't lose his salary by suspension. That's what that commission is for when he signs that mega million dollar deal. Like I said earlier, it only takes a tenth of a second to change your life forever.

Now the teams and leagues take part in some of this blame as well. I know some of you are thinking why? Well the leagues and teams are responsible for upholding their image of their respective league so they never have blemishes like the situations that have occurred. There is no doubt that the NBA and NFL have gotten black eyes the last few months with these incidents. Have could this be avoided you say? I commend both the commissioners for the NBA and NFL for taking actions and handing out stiff penalties but the damage has been done. Just by stating you will be handing out stiffer penalties is not educating the athletes on dangers off the field. There needs to be more PROACTIVE programs and awareness training that is MANDATORY for athletes. Whatever is in place now, if anything, is certainly not working. Guys do not know the laws for the cities they are playing in and security is still a huge problem because guys are getting shot at and killed in their homes. Teams and leagues are investing billions into athletes and when your investment doesn't know the laws and getting into trouble that CAN be avoided, you are not only losing your investment but getting a black eye and the fans will turn away from the game. Security and awareness training is now a must for athletes because the world is not a happy go lucky place anymore. That is the cold hard truth.

I have been speaking and working with some of the most prestigious and most respected people in the country when it comes to protection and security training. People of this caliber are the ones who need to be in front of these athletes to educate and make the athlete more aware of situations and learn how to deflect and diffuse a situation properly. Example would be the Pacman Jones strip club incident. Protection experts are taught to take the target out of danger and away from the situation, NOT stay in the situation and start a fight and gunfire. If you are stuck in corner, you only do whatever is necessary to get out of that situation. A lot of athletes do not know that even if you simply pull a gun, you can go to jail. These problems CAN be avoided if the people I just mentioned STEP UP and take some responsibility because the athletes are what give them their paychecks.

I can go on and on about this topic and have very strong feelings towards this subject because not only the athlete is responsible but the people who are paid by that athlete to take care of not only his career but his life. I know I may make a few people upset with this blog but hey, the truth hurts and we need to shed some light on what goes on or what doesn't go on and take some more proactive measures. I am always open to hearing comments bad or good because I stand behind everything I say and am very passionate about this subject. You can always email me at